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MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP AND 'MAGIC - 2 Special appointment with the episodes on the Royal Wedding Saturday 3 Novembre alle 10.15, Sunday 4 NoNovember at5.10 su Boomerang

Written by Alessia | 2 November, 2012 9:17

Special appointment with the episodes onThe Royal Wedding

Saturday 3 November at 10.15,

Sunday 4 November at 15.10 su Boomerang

And the initiative on the web

Hasbro e Boomerang together to celebrate the 'wedding of the year'

On sito

a unique opportunity to plan a wedding

until 30 November, the mini- Hasbro My Little Pony, hosted exclusively on, preparations and games

for attend the wedding in Shining Armor and Princess Cadance

Seven pronte to experience first hand the most important event of the magical kingdom of Equestria? To celebrate the imminent marriage of the great Shining Armor and Princess Cadance, ie Royal Highnesses the highly successful TV series MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP AND 'MAGIC, Hasbro has created exclusively on Boomerang minisite that will give fans a unique opportunity for small pony become veritable wedding planner!

In conjunction with the transmission of Boomerang, the 3 and 4 November, of the episodes of Royal Wedding, on the mini-site dedicated to the event the girls will be able to participate in the preparations and enjoy personally to fulfill the dream wedding dress and the wedding cake most scintillating choosing among so many beautiful accessories and decorations. More, available wallpaper, screensaver, and lots of games to download and color.

The second season of MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP AND 'MAGIC, with simple graphics but designed to give expression to the characters and their emotions, offering many new stories to illustrate the various aspects of friendship through the daily problems of small protagonists. Between magic and unusual adventures, Twilight and her friends every time they learn something new and exciting that will help them grow up together.

Boomerang (channel 609) Children are present in the package of SKY Italy, reaching the homes of all 3.1 million subscribers. BOOMERANG 1 (channel 610) transmits the same programming "channel mother" with a delay of one hour. Intended for cartoon fans of all ages and a shared parent-child, the channel transmits not only the great classics of animation, come Scooby Doo, TOM & Jerry EI looney tunes, but also the first new TV classics such as The Pink Panther & what. and THE GARFIELD SHOW, in addition to first new tv series in computer graphics as Jelly Jamm, Mike the Knight, Tatonka. Among the titles in the first TV. On-line with link to your blog DimmiMamma.

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